Zed Poirier

Design Shaders Coding Visual Effects Lighting Modelling

I am a Technical Designer based out of Ontario Canada.

I create immersive experiences by leveraging iterative design principles, stylized 3D modelling, and efficient scripting techniques for quick prototyping.

I am currently studying rendering techniques, custom shaders, and visual effects, to enhance the aesthetics of my projects.


God of Riffs (VR)

Shaders Lighting Visual Effects

Heavy metal VR rhythm game.

Focused on a variety of visual effects to crank the metal up to 11! Highlighted here is the custom skybox which includes an audio reactive aurora.

Civic Story

Shaders Coding Lighting

A visual novel style project focused on Canadian politics with a comic book aesthetic.

Combined a variety of custom shaders and full screen effects to push the visual quality. Examples include a custom outline system, a page turn effect, and a custom character shader.


Shaders Visual Effects Design

Cozy, cute, and chill game made with Unity.

Created a variety of bespoke shaders and visual effects to enhance the enviroments of the game world.

Shader Playground

Shaders Coding Lighting

An exploration of shader techniques.

Using a handmade OpenGL C++ renderer I've been experimenting with noise, raymarching, matrix transformations, and other techniques to produce visual effects using mostly GLSL.

Flicker VR

Design Coding Lighting

An assymetrical local multiplater VR game.

One player explores the haunted house to uncover its mysteries, while the other player haunts and stalks the intruder to its domain.

Dust Bowl Plinko

Coding Modelling Visual Effects

A physics based plinko game clone where a tumbleweed travels across different lands by the power of the wind.

Created with Google Blocks, 3DS Max, and Unity. The tumbleweed was modelled in VR as an experiment.